About Me

About Me

Unique & Creative Photography

My name is Jana Buzbee, and I am an award-winning, outdoor, natural light photographer in the Inland Valley Area. My specialty is portraits, and I love taking Senior High School, Family, and Couples pictures. I believe I create an experience for my clients that is memorable, comfortable, and one-of-a- kind.

You will see my interest and love for theater, trickling into my work as I often take stylized photographs, which means I like to use props, clothes and outdoor locations to create a scene for the camera. I am all about having fun on a shoot, which creates an environment where my clients can feel relaxed, attractive and like they can laugh and enjoy themselves.

Outside of photography, I am also involved in church ministry, I am a wife and a mother of 2 grown daughters and a son-in-law. The newest addition to my family, is a cute little pup named Charlie, who is the inspiration and muse for “OhCharlie2015“.

During my youngest daughter’s senior year of high school, I realized I was about to be an empty nester and knew it was time for me to find a pursuit that was my own. 5 years later, and I am excited to say I’ve been living out that dream with JanaBuzbeePhotography. Welcome to my passion, and I so look forward to helping you capture your life on film!